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Who Am I?

Kirsten Gronning: an accredited relationship coach, I established a relationship and marriage breakdown support coaching business in 2006, working with clients on a 1-2-1 basis. In 2009 Breakup Angels was formed with other professionals: concerned that traditional confrontational methods of resolving family conflict were impacting negatively on family life and resources, we were keen to promote and practice less costly alternatives. These include raising people's awareness about the value of seeking relationship help before it's too late and promoting inexpensive methods when reconciliation is no longer an option.

As well as providing relationship and marriage breakdown support, I have been an approved foster carer since 2010 with a focus on caring for the most vulnerable young people. I combine being a foster care specialist with undergraduate health and social care studies (Open University, final year) and use a mix of academic theory, practical experience and coaching methods to untangle client's complex family conflict. I also have Life Coaching (2008) and the Children's and Young People's Workforce (2016) Diplomas, I managed my own challenging divorce over a decade ago and have written numerous articles including as an on-line Agony Aunt.

As a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC UK) I subscribe to their code of ethics. Read more here of our codes of ethics and conduct. I have professional liability insurance and am continually adding to my training and development portfolio.


There is rarely one single place to find support when a relationship or serious family crisis erupts. Coupled with the stigma and (often) the shame associated with the more 'messier' aspects of life - for example, depression and mental ill health; poor parenting and child protection; relationship and marriage breakdown - it's unsurprising that we avoid confronting issues before they blow up. 

But if it's too late to prevent the crisis, then make sure you keep strong enough to support others by getting in touch here and discovering how a focused conversation can open up new ways to find help in a serious family crisis.

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