Improve Relationships :: Demystify Family Crisis

How We Help

Refocus Right Now is an inexpensive personal support service where we communicate over the internet and phone. Whether it's a serious family crisis or a relationship breakdown that's behind your anxiety, you’ll begin uncovering the issues by completing Breakup Angels' confidential form in as much detail as you wish. Expressing the thoughts, fears and worries racing round your head can provide immediate relief. Then together we’ll explore the underlying issues behind your crisis to help you to see things more clearly. From being totally overwhelmed by the enormity of your situation, you’ll begin to take back control and move forward.

After your consultation, you’ll receive a personalised Refocus Right Now plan designed to support you through the next month and beyond. If necessary, you’ll be signposted to trusted specialists. At this stage I find that many of my clients experience the following emotions:

A profound sense of relief at blockages being uncovered.
A new energy and motivation that gets them back on track.
Increased understanding and clarity about their situation and what else can be done to improve it.
A greater sense of happiness as a consequence of offloading their problems and finding solutions.

How much does it cost? There are two options:

Refocus Right Now - a one hour consultation over the phone using the Refocus Right Now audit as our framework - £65
Refocus Right Now Plus - as above, plus a month of email support after the phone consultation to keep you focused - £97

Are you ready to Refocus Right Now? Click on the products below to pay and after paying you’ll be advised how to complete the Refocus Right Now audit. Alternatively, email three possible days and times (Mon - Thurs 9am-8pm and Fri and Sat 9am - 4pm) when you’ll be available for a telephone consultation. I’ll confirm one of your options within 24 working hours, also providing you with a local landline number to call at the agreed time and invite you to pay in advance.

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